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Decoding Success with Matt LeBris

Aug 27, 2019

IF THERE IS ONE THING YOU (YOURSELF) NEVER LOSE IN LIFE, IT'S THIS. After spending time around one of my best friends children and hearing some killer advice from the gentleman appearing on the next episode, I felt compelled to share this episode on why we should never lose our inner child. I'm not saying we should be as immature but we should adopt the characteristics that made us so fearless, persistent, curious, and more. A huge shout out to our partners who help bring value to the show outside of its content -- GenM and Audible. GenM is helping businesses scale their marketing teams without breaking the bank. Literally! Less than $200 per quarter for a marketing intern. Check them out here: Audible is giving all of our community members a free audiobook of their choice. All you have to do to claim it with 0 strings attached is head over to: Find Me On Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Rate, Subscribe and Share! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟