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Decoding Success with Matt LeBris

May 11, 2022

Fun Fact: You ARE MORE than you think you are. Like, way more than enough. 

And, today, we're bringing on our friend Kimberly Snyder to amplify that message even more than the fun little fact above. 

In fact, Kimberly is going to highlight her personal journey of backpacking, being broken and broke, all the way to where she is now. And, she's pretty damn cool. (she worked with the Avengers!)

But, seriously, Kimberly is helping us shine light on our darkness, heal from the big T's and little t's of life, connect with ourselves on a deeper level, and so much more. 

Here's the thing: when the lightbulb goes off for you, make sure you send this to at least 2 people. Not one or three, but two. Why two? Because it's different than one or three! 

To connect with Kimberly, catch her here on Instagram -

Also, you can grab her new book here -

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