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Decoding Success with Matt LeBris

191: Fix Your Body, Fix Your Life w/ Brian Bradley

Jun 30, 2021

Welcome to The Decoding Success -- Episode 191


Today we're joined by our friend Brian Bradley as we dive into the topic of how fixing your body can fix other areas of your life -- financials, career, relationships, and more. 

Brian is on a mission to help millions of people learn how to live healthier, pain-free lives and achieve complete fitness. A frequent speaker at industry events, he presents, consults, and conducts training with corporations, organizations, and nonprofits on the topics of chronic pain, healthy living, and high-level performance. His clients include the Tony Robbins Companies, Bulletproof Radio, YPO, the Seattle Study Club, and the NFL.

To connect with Brian, check him out here on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and website

To connect with Matt, check him out here on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and his website

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